[WUN-1] World of Tanks University-1


•• WHO WE ARE ••
World of Tanks University is an international English speaking community with two active clans.
We are the competitive clan of WOT UNI and focus on Skirmishes, Advances, Team Battles and Tournaments.

We do not have a minimum WN8 requirement but we do ask you meet our few basic requirements and follow a few simple rules.
- Whenever you are online in the game, you must be on TeamSpeak as well (most important)
- English speaking (non-native English speakers accepted)
- 16+ years old
- Play Skirmishes, Advances, Team Battles and Tournaments at least one night a week
If you do not have the requirements pop a message to cooldudematt10 or any executive officer.
If you do not meet the requirements or wish to play in a less competitive clan please talk to our other clans

•• INFO ••
If you are interested, feel free to join Teamspeak to talk to us.
Recruitment: any recruitment officer
Teamspeak Server:

Clan statistics

Number of members: 1

Ø Battles10
Ø WN8777,39
Ø WinRate50,00%

Clan members

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#Player name7D Battles30D Battles

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