The clan was disbanded.

[WISH] Wish it, Believe it, Do it

Making a WISH is the beginning of a new journey!


WISH is a new clan with a laid back attitude and will to win.
When we are not sleeping we do platoons, clan wars and strongholds.


-Active around 4 times a week
-At least 4 useful tier10's (and getting more soon)
-Overall winrate 58% (tier10's close to 62%)
-Recent Wn8 2800+ (Overall 2200+)
-High interest for CW/SH


We are only interested in good team players who play for the win and are active.

For example if focus-fire, shielding, using your own brain, not trading stupidly, keeping your gun alive, not having tunnel vision (to mention a few things) are not a problem for you and you can perform them, too.. You are exactly what we are looking for. We value teamplay ability more than your stats.

Diplomacy questions, contact Coldius
Recruitment questions, contact ooostindrew/tankace1999 or forum



Clan statistics

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Ø WN80,00
Ø WinRate0,00%

Clan members

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