[QSF-S] QBs Special Forces - Strengthened

We are surrounded? Excellent, now we can attack in any direction


Greetings Community!

Our clan requirements:
Must have played at least 2500 games.
Must have a 50% or higher winrate.
At least Two Tier 8 non-premium SH tank, SH Tanks are IS-3, T32, 110, AMX 50 100 T54 Light Weight, RU 251 WZ 132 (1 heavy and 1 light are recommended)
You need 1100 WN8 rating or higher.
You need 1400 recent WN8 rating or higher.

You must be 15 or older.

You need to have a working microphone and be active in Teamspeak

Applications can be posted on our forums

Clan statistics

Number of members: 2

Ø Battles5493
Ø WN81221,43
Ø WinRate53,00%

Clan members

#Player name30D WN830D BattlesWN8Ø WinRateBattlesLast battlePositionJoined
2spicymelon0,000802,2775,00%4Executive officer

Skirmishes statistics

#Player name7D Battles30D Battles

Clan history

Player nameChangeDate
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