[GER-B] German Bulls

Its better to die for something than to live for nothing!


Some may have heard about this,
but very few have lived to talk about it.
Amongst the many clans that have died in this type of war,
one clan survives to share this rare experience.
A clan who has won many battles with the speed and accuracy of it ́s guns.
Some call them a myth,
others call them a legend.
But to those who have tasted the gunpowder of their every shot fired from their guns,
known them as....the German Bulls!

-Regelmäßige Teamgefechte
-Teilnahme an Turnieren
-Trainingsgefechte intern als auch mit befreundeten Clans
- Eigenen TS3 und TS3 Pflicht

- Aktives Spielen
- Alter ab 16
- 3xTier 6, 3xTier 8 Panzer Pflicht, Tier 10 Panzer erwünscht
- Soziales Benehmen
- 1300 WN8 Overall, 1500 WN8 Recent
- Aktive Teilnahme an Bollwerk und CW

Homepage : www.German-Bulls.de
TS Daten : ts.german-bulls.de

Clan statistics

Number of members: 21

Ø Battles20022
Ø WN81331,59
Ø WinRate50,66%

Clan members

#Player name30D WN830D BattlesWN8Ø WinRateBattlesLast battlePositionJoined
1Mighty_Assa0,0002292,8657,70%47234Combat officer
2kboscarlos0,0001939,7354,95%24486Junior officer
3Di_Gi0,0001588,6951,10%18091Junior officer
4GameLegacy1954,86361582,8352,44%15548Junior officer
5Cookie_Dent1460,141961535,7352,34%43001Junior officer
6DormaroX0,0001398,5752,32%3534Junior officer
7KSRI150,0001316,0751,29%23379Junior officer
8Vasquez13370,0001293,3547,87%35997Junior officer
9ConnorMcBacon0,0001195,5550,67%2834Executive officer
10zocker_40,0001194,5450,69%5905Junior officer
11Sacknase976,101901140,6048,16%59692Junior officer
12Grimaldius_10,0001133,0551,26%8164Junior officer
13FlinschFlansch820,0001116,0149,41%9392Junior officer
14xIceFlipperx0,0001052,3449,70%21134Executive officer
15Max_610,000946,7848,83%40333Junior officer
16Thorek19790,000902,7347,30%16252Junior officer
17iQiu0,000799,2648,43%7885Executive officer
18Der_Disponent359,51154634,1047,33%22337Junior officer
20Warlord_tomsky0,000521,5245,58%9201Junior officer

Clan history

Player nameChangeDate