The clan was disbanded.


We Are Strong Individuals, But Together, Unstoppable


Experienced players looking for members that are interested in competitive CW/SH/Team Battles

We CrAzE for good battles and good Gold

Minimum Requirements:

- Min. 2000+ WN8 / 2600Recents
- Min. 55%+ Winrate
- Min. 4 Clan War Tanks ( arty's and td's not counted )
- Min. 2100 DMG/Battle Tier 10 Tanks
-The Gold that you receive is based on how active you are in CW

For Diplomacy contact : Magnus417 , nick1401 , tracisatranny
For Recruitment come to our ts or contact us

Ts :

Clan statistics

Number of members: 0

Ø Battles0
Ø WN80,00
Ø WinRate0,00%

Clan members

#Player name30D WN830D BattlesWN8Ø WinRateBattlesLast battlePositionJoined

Skirmishes statistics

#Player name7D Battles30D Battles

Clan history

Player nameChangeDate
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