[CO-MA] Convallaria Majalis

| We shall rise from darkness |


We are a bunch of International players mostly interested by competitive gaming.

We value "Quality" over "Quantity", respect, and fun.

- 18

Besides this we will take part in the upcoming Clanwars Campaigns.

What we offer:
☛ Platoons & Skirmishes on daily basis
☛ Good players with a "win or die trying" attitude.
☛ Relaxed environment (no drama, no stress) amongst our playerbase and staff.

What we want from you:
☛ Mature attitude and a good sense of humour.
☛ A working mic and up to date TS3.
☛ Speak and understand english.
☛ Carry yourself and Gamesense

Our Requirements:
☛ Tests only, via Tier X SH and Advances

Our TS3 address: xx749.teamspeak3.com

If you wanna join us, contact us ingame or log in the TS3

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