The clan was disbanded.

[50B] Reload , Aim , Clip !

Old MEMSY Players are Welcome !


We are always looking for above average players and capable FCs.
Our requirements are:

What we offer:
☛ Good Platoons & Skirmishes.
☛ Good players with a "win or die trying" attitude.
☛ Relaxed environment (no drama, no stress) amongst our playerbase and staff.

What we want from you:
☛ Mature attitude and a good sense of humour.
☛ A working mic and up to date TS3.
☛ Speak and understand english.

Our Requirements:
☛ + 2200 WN8 overall and + 3000 WN8 recent

Please send applications to No_Real_Life_Just_Game or Rainer_Winkler_Offiziell

Clan statistics

Number of members: 0

Ø Battles0
Ø WN80,00
Ø WinRate0,00%

Clan members

#Player name30D WN830D BattlesWN8Ø WinRateBattlesLast battlePositionJoined

Skirmishes statistics

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Clan history

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